Architectural Panels

Architectural Insulated Metal Panels

Onsite Solutions provide leading architects and construction developers with unmatched flexibility for a broad range of architectural insulated panel applications.

Our architectural and structural insulated panel systems are engineered to meet demanding architectural and aesthetic requirements, while adding structural and thermal integrity.

The variety of exterior skins and internal core combinations can be altered to suit your architectural insulated panel application.


Architectural Perfection

The design options are always being updated for architectural insulated panels, utilising computer-assisted design and manufacturing, and strict quality control, ensuring that your clients will experience flawless construction and superior insulating quality from our structural insulated panel systems.

Onsite Solutions offer our clients architectural insulated panels manufactured in a variety of thicknesses, from two – 12 inches. The different spans allow for the specific R-values and K-values required for any application. We can supply panels in any desired length, ensuring that we can create structural insulated panel systems that meet each architecturally designed project's specific tolerance needs.

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