Clean Rooms

Unmatched Clean Room Solutions

Onsite Solutions’ clean room constructions provide durable, efficient, structural and thermal solutions for an extensive range of clean room operations, including pharmaceutical and medical storage, warehouse distribution centres and food processing clean rooms. The insulated panels used for our clean room constructions are designed and manufactured with laminates and coatings that that have smooth surfaces, do not collect contaminates, are resistant to mold and corrosion, and withstand frequent wash-downs.

Onsite Solutions’ clean room systems also provide you a flat, impermeable insulated panel surface and a protective barrier to stop unwanted airflow and contamination of the inner of the clean room. We also use a clean room sealant – know as Anti-Fungal Food Grade Silicone Sealant) for medical or pharmaceutical and food processing applications on all joins, angles, seams and fixings.

Ideal for food processing

With Onsite Solutions on your team you can expect sustainable, quality assured meat and food processing storage, facilities and clean rooms with thermally insulated panel designed to control bacteria, grease, dust and other undesirable substances. We also provide alternative textures for an impermeable, clean and washable surface to support a clean and safe work environment for all things food.

Medical clean room solutions

Onsite Solutions are proud to offer you quality assured pharmaceutical clean rooms constructed for medical storage of temperature sensitive pharmaceutical substances. For substances required to situate within strict ranges of temperatures to avoid destruction of shelf life or potency, we have the skills and expertise to provide you with a clean room suitable for such purposes.