Food Processing Clean Rooms

Love food? Let us construct your food processing clean room

With Onsite Solutions on your team you can expect sustainable, quality assured meat and food processing storage, facilities and clean rooms with thermally insulated panel designed to control bacteria, grease, dust and other undesirable substances. We also provide alternative textures for an impermeable, clean and washable surface to support a clean and safe work environment for all things food.

Our insulated panel options also provide your clean room with a highly washable, hygienic, resistant to mold and stains surface and meet pertinent MPI regulations (Food Act 2014) and other governing body conditions.

Onsite Solutions also incorporate coving extrusion details as well as a unique ant-fungal silicone sealant to ostracise unwanted airflow and contaminants away from air vents and potential cavities. We also offer a hood or pelmet over doorways and cavity sliding door tracks to stop dust collecting on flat surfaces and keeping the consistency of a dust free and clean surface. However, if your clean rooms manages to damage itself and its seals are broken our repairs and maintenance team will be onsite in a jiffy - and if you need extra parts, we'll supply them too.

You may also be wondering what effect frequent washdowns may have on your clean room?

Well, not only do we provide you with strong, durable and thermally efficient insulated panels – but we also provide your food processing clean room with optimum protection against solvents, other corrosive chemicals, and frequent washdowns. And even more so they’re easy to maintain.

Often clients come to Onsite Solutions because they are concerned with the spread of bacteria, yeast and molds that can grow in the conditions of processing areas and are carried by airflows throughout the clean room.

Our mission is to provide you with a sealed and viable envelope and to keep the air in the immediate vicinity of the food being processed free from unwanted contaminates to eliminate food and meat destruction and lead to a better, fresher food product.

What food processing clean rooms can we do for you?

Well, this is just a few constructions we can offer you:
  • Poultry processing
  • Processed chicken meat storage
  • Dairy buildings
  • Milk storage
  • Fish and seafood processing and storage
  • Fruit and grain storage