Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms

Clean, airtight pharmaceutical clean rooms

Onsite Solutions’ pharmaceutical clean room constructions offer you an insulated panel sealed envelope for all pharmaceutical operations and applications.

Many pharmaceutical clean rooms are constructed for medical storage containing temperature sensitive pharmaceutical substances – these substances are required to situate within strict ranges of temperatures to avoid destruction of shelf life or potency.

The performance of a pharmaceutical clean room is also centered on its ability to form a protective barrier from airflow, sources of contamination and heat. It is also defined by its position of vents, exhaust and any objects occupying the space. However, changes to such elements and functions, and damages to the airtight space, often can harm the operation of the pharmaceutical clean room and could impair aspects of the room’s design.

What do our pharmaceutical clean rooms do for you?

Onsite Solutions’ pharmaceutical clean room panels provide durable, efficient, structural and thermal solutions. They are also designed and manufactured with laminates and coatings that that have smooth surfaces, do not collect contaminates, are resistant to mold and corrosion, and withstand frequent wash-downs.

When choosing to work with Onsite Solutions you can be sure that we will provide you with best solution for your clean room operations. Our solutions provide you a flat, impermeable insulated panel surface and a protective barrier to stop unwanted airflow and contamination of the inner of the clean room. We also use a clean room sealant – known as Anti-Fungal Food Grade Silicone Sealant for medical or pharmaceutical applications on all joins, angles, seams and fixings.

The flat surface of the insulated panel inside the clean room also provides a barrier to stop harmful dust particles building up on the surface. This also makes the interior of your pharmaceutical clean room extremely easy to maintain and clean. All fixings, crevasses, joins, rivet heads are sealed with the relative silicone sealant to form the protective barrier to stop the collection of dust, bacteria, fungi and contamination from external and internal airways. We also make sure the exterior side is sealed also, creating an impenetrable barrier from external airflows.

Onsite Solutions also take into consideration other relevant operations that situate within the confines of daily pharmaceutical clean room operations. A main focus is centered on the idea that pharmaceutical clean rooms should be constructed in a way in which allows for easy cleaning and disinfecting.

Our pharmaceutical clean rooms also have important features that include: 

  • A smooth and cleanable finish

  • A final coating which is impervious to detergents and disinfectants

  • No uncleanable recesses

  • Very few projecting ledges
Very few electrical sockets

  • Pipes and conduits appropriately boxed in