Warehouse Distribution Centres

Warehouse Distribution Centres... it's what we do for you!

Onsite Solutions’ insulated wall and roof panels are ideal for warehouse distribution centres for a broad range of commercial and industrial applications. Our insulated panel warehouse constructions provide you a compatible environment for operations including heavy foot and vehicle traffic, such as delivery trucks, forklifts and load bearing vehicles.

Onsite Solutions’ warehouse distribution centres are created with leading edge insulated panels designed and manufactured to last a lifetime. That means that the high R-value insulation stays at its highest level of potency for many years, while at the same time offering structural and thermal support to existing and new structures. Ultimately providing safe and clean environments for you and your staff.

Warehouse Distribution Solutions

Just a few benefits and features of choosing Onsite Solutions' warehouse distribution centre constructions:

  • Cost effective, reliable and sustainable solutions
  • The range of insulated panels offer extensive insulation R levels
  • Clean impermeable surfaces (ideal for meat and food processing facilities)
  • Clean environment
  • Washable and dust deterrent surfaces
  • Rapid construction times – due to the structural composition of the panels and the efficiency of forming the warehouse envelope.
  • Quick construction of partition walls
  • Ability to coherently wok with other trades (Electrical, engineers, refrigeration etc.)

No matter the size of your project, we have a solution!

From 5,000sqm to 35,000sqm, our warehouse distribution centre constructions house a full range of dimensions to offer safe, reliable and convenient storage for your materials and any relevant handling equipment, trucking and loading docks, receiving and shipping operations and the requirements of the operating personnel. This includes processing plants, mechanical areas and any other suitable operational environments.

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