Cool Room & Cold Store

Cool room & cold storage in any nook and cranny

Due to panel versatility, Onsite Solutions can create a cool room or cold store in any space – we can put it in any nook and cranny!

At Onsite Solutions, our team strive to deliver you cost-effective, reliable and practical cool room and cold store structures for a broad range of construction operations, ranging from warehouse & distribution centres, prefabricated cool rooms, temperature controlled storage and cold storage parts.

We aim to provide and ensure a vapour barrier to stope harmful external airflows, leading edge technical details with the folding of panels and hidden fixings, and the ability to provide you with solutions to any of your cool room and cold store applications.

We can construct on site any shape or size of cool room or cold store facility, tailored to suit your construction needs, indoors or outdoors, in client specified colours, providing you with dependable usage for many years to come.

Our team also offer efficient, systematic and unparalleled independent advice – as well as the ability to work cohesively with other trades (such as builders, refrigeration mechanics and, electricians) to provide you with reliable, scheduled and unique cool room and cold store constructions.


Cool Room construction process

Stage 1: Site inspection, view architectural plans (this doesn’t have to be professionally drawn, but can be drawn on the back of a cigarette packet/serviette).

Stage 2: Design - asking for purpose, space available, size, R value, type of insulation, whether there are fire rated requirements, and what sort of traffic – vehicle, forklift, pedestrian.

Stage 3: Provide a shop drawing to gauge what the construction will look like.

Stage 4: Provide quote/tender/price, based on the design.

Stage 5: Acceptance of the tender/quote

Stage 6: Order materials, delivery of materials, crane hire if required.

Stage 7: Set out room, working with project manager

Stage 8: Installation.

Stage 9: After sale service - maintenance and regular repairs

Cold store solutions

Cold store and cool rooms can vary in timeframe and operational schedules. However, our mission is to connect you with the finished product efficiently and as quickly as possible.

A standard 35sqm cool room can be built in one day! One of our biggest cool room constructions we have ever constructed was 2000sqm – for Butch Petfoods. Think that’s big? Foodstuffs’ Distribution Centre was 35,000sqm!

However, no job is too big or too small for our cool room and cold store construction operations.

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