Dry Rooms

Our Dry Rooms are no joke

At Onsite Solutions, our team strive to deliver you cost-effective, reliable and practical dry room specialist processing constructions.

We aim to provide and ensure a vapour barrier to stope harmful external airflows, leading edge technical details with the folding of panels and hidden fixings, and the ability to provide you with solutions to any of your dry room and specialist processing room applications.

We can construct on site any shape or size of dry room facility, tailored to suit your construction needs, indoors or outdoors, in client specified colours, providing you with dependable usage for many years to come.

Our team also offer efficient, systematic and unparalleled independent advice – as well as the ability to work cohesively with other trades (such as builders, refrigeration and climate control mechanics and, electricians) to provide you with reliable, scheduled and specialist processing dry rooms constructions.

Specialist Processing Rooms

Let Onsite Solutions help you construct a specialist processing dry room to assist in your dried meat’s curing process. We offer a select range of insulated panels to provide the foundation for an airtight, sealed and durable dry room environment.

The insulated panels used to form the specialist processing room are easy to clean when there’s meat, blood and guts all over the place. The impermeable surface also provides you with a durable, high R-value and rigid structure to help maintain the consistent temperature the dry room requires.