Specialist Processing Rooms

Love your Biltong and dried, cured meat? We do too!

Let Onsite Solutions help you construct a specialist processing dry room to assist in your dried meat’s curing process. We offer a select range of insulated panels to provide the foundation for an airtight, sealed and durable dry room environment.

The insulated panels used to form the specialist processing room are easy to clean when there’s meat, blood and guts all over the place. The impermeable surface also provides you with a durable, high R-value and rigid structure to help maintain the consistent temperature the dry room requires.

You’re in worthy company – we work with trailblazers and visionaries

Onsite Solutions have proudly worked with many respectable and reputable companies throughout our tenure in the industry. So why not join them in becoming part of our long list of clientele?

The Mad Butcher, Aussie Butcher and Mr. Grill’s have all had specialist processing rooms constructed for their companies’ dry room needs. In fact New Zealand Delhi had 3mx3mx2.4m dry room built not to long ago – that is the biggest we have constructed.

However, no matter the size of your project – whether that is 2.4sqm or 10.sqm – you can trust Onsite Solutions to construct a thermally efficient, sustainable and clean specialist processing room for any of your dry room constructions.

Please note: Onsite Solutions do not offer the humidity controlled service – we can provide external contacts for experts on humidity controlled refrigeration.