Prefabricated Cool Rooms

Not enough room for us to build onsite?

Don’t worry – our prefabricated cool room constructions offer you reliable, efficient off site storage to make your cool room construction process easy, clean and safe. Onsite Solutions’ expert and knowledgeable team provide you with an extensive range of solutions to help you during the construction process of your cool room. That means that we keep you in the loop at all times while we construct your desired cold store offsite and at our depots in Glenfield and Riverhead.

Your prefabricated cool room constructions are built away from site – keeping us out of the way but also providing you with sustainable, durable and cost efficient cool room constructions. Your cool rooms are also designed and built with insulated panel flooring that can be easily attached to bearers and then removed for easy relocation.

Looking for easy and reliable relocatable cold storage?

You’ve come to the right place! Onsite Solutions offer you a variety of different sized, shaped and insulated panel cool rooms that are suitable for relocation.

If you’re a home kill specialist or a foodie that travels to different events and you require a portable chiller, then come and talk to Onsite Solutions for all of your prefabricated and portable cool room storage needs.

Our expert, reliable and efficient construction team can build your desired cool room at our bases on the North Shore and have them ready to fit onto trailers within your required timeframe. We understand that your cold storage options need to be easily relocatable. Therefore your prefabricated cool room is designed and built to do just that. With innovative insulated panel flooring, expert design and simple deconstruction methods – your cool room is so easy to relocate you can even lease them out to your competitors!

Come and talk to Onsite Solutions today for all of your prefabricated cool room needs!