Temperature Controlled Storage

Worried about your product being stored at the right temperature?

Well your product is valuable, not only to you, but also to us. Onsite Solutions are on your side when it comes to temperature controlled storage, whether your grandma’s secret ingredient requires a certain climate or your favourite fruit needs to be at a particular temperature, we’re here for all of your temperature controlled storage needs.

Food safety and shelf life of food products always requires special consideration when designing and constructing the suitable storage facility. Onsite Solutions’ custom and superior insulated panel food storage solutions give you thermally advanced, cost effective, durable and clean environments allowing for a pristine, washable and airtight sealed room for the protection of your valuable food products and more. Additionally, your temperature controlled storage constructions are coated and sealed with specialised sealants to alienate the potential for contamination and allow for quick and easy cleaning.

Superior Thermal Efficiency

By maintaining high R-values through advanced and durable PIR or EPS insulated cores, your temperature controlled storage panels provide you a cost effective, thermally efficient environment that also reduces the potential of food-borne illnesses while decreasing your refrigeration and energy bills.

The mold-resistant, quality assured and fundamental insulated features of our controlled storage panels also reduce the risk of contamination, bacteria growth and fungal growth and increase the potency or shelf life of your products.

Our insulated panels also register no loss of its thermal potency, or R-value, for the lifespan of the building. Essentially, we provide you insulated panels that don’t harm the critical energy bills and budget!

If you’re favourite food or product needs special attention, then come talk to us – we’ll find the best solution for all of your temperature controlled storage needs!