Acoustic Panels

Your Noise Control Acoustic Panel Solutions

Onsite Solutions deliver you a wide selection of acoustic panels to suit all types of acoustic sound proofing and noise absorbing requirements. Most of these panels are made of Rockwool or Mineral Wool but are also available in a foam composite designed to block out or absorb those annoying factory and peripheral sounds.

Acoustic Panels can feature fabric covered high density glass wool for the most demanding applications such as recording studios, broadcast facilities, post production houses or audiophile listening rooms. And because each acoustic panel is tested to be fire safe, they are ideal for institutional and commercial installations such as churches, boardrooms, office spaces, call centres, restaurants and classrooms.

What are the specifications of Acoustic Insulated Panels?

Acoustic Insulated Panels come in specific applications covering ceiling, wall, and suspended feature or free standing options. Acoustic panels are great for many specific applications including: retail, Health care, Commercial, Recording/Audio studios, education and theatre/auditoriums.

Onsite Solutions install most Acoustic Panels around commercial machinery to absorb the sound in large processing factories, or covering engine or refrigeration motors to dampen or negate sound travel.

Acoustic panels are rated with a NRC (noise reduction coefficient) which is a scalar representation of the amount of sound energy absorbed upon striking a particular surface. An NRC of 0 indicates perfect reflection; an NRC of 1 indicates perfect absorption.

Solutions for Noise reduction in your workplace

The solution that best fits your application will take into consideration the frequency of the sounds (from low to mid and high) and also the repetition (whether it is a impact sharp sound or more of a droning underlying hum). Onsite Solutions will assess your space and provide the relevant, cost effective sound proof or sound absorbing acoustic panels to suit your project’s tolerance and sound capacities.