Noise Absorbing Panels

Our mission at Onsite Solutions is to make your space sound better!

Onsite Solutions offer you sound absorbing acoustical panels and soundproofing materials designed to eliminate sound reflections to improve speech intelligibility, reduce standing waves and absorb echo within a room. Typical materials available are open cell polyurethane foam, cellular melamine, fiberglass, fluffy fabrics and other porous materials.

Our acoustical sound proofing panels are typically designed to absorb echo, reduce noise, and restore a room to premium sound quality. They are also easily portable, durable, custom cut to almost any size and are easy to self-install.

Trying to reduce that annoying motor sound? Acoustic Foam Panels are the solution!

These acoustical foam panels are available for use in a wide variety of applications ranging from recording and broadcast studios to commercial and industrial facilities. Such acoustic paneling can be applied directly to walls, hung as baffles or used as freestanding absorbers.

Installed panels around machinery are ideal for absorb the sound in large processing factories. They’re also suitable for covering refrigeration motors to reduce that annoying sound.

The crucial element to creating an elegant and reliable sound proofed room is in selecting the right product and right thickness. It also means selecting the right amount of material needed to trigger the sound effects you are seeking. This is where Onsite Solutions can be your perfect team member. With over 20 years of experience tailoring countless acoustic panel jobs, we replicate for you what we know has worked countless times before.

So call us today and let us create the sound space of your deepest desires!