Sound Proofing Panels

Sound proof your space with Onsite Solutions

Onsite Solutions offer you sound proofing panels designed and intended to absorb echo within a room. They are generally fabric wrapped or foam honeycombed acoustic panels and provide a soft, and light mood. They will also generally feel soft to the touch and are designed to soften up the surfaces within a room and reduce the echo in that space.

Onsite Solutions offer you the use of both foam panels and architectural panels for design and fire code issues when soundproofing. Options also include cloth wrapped panels for wall or celling surface mounts, and decorative wall coverings are the ideal choice for combatting sound reflections in public venues. From atriums to hospitals, machine rooms to cafeterias, from classrooms to broadcasting rooms, Onsite Solutions’ extensive range of sound proofing panels and systems will add a decorative design to your room and supply the soundproofing values you are looking for.

Soundproof solutions

By choosing Onsite Solutions, you can rely on us to provide you with quality assured sound panel treatments ideal for controlling excessive exposure to noise within a space. By placing your acoustic panels around your room's perimeter walls or ceiling, you can effectively control the level of background noise and by capturing and converting the echoes out of your space create a more user friendly space. We guarantee you’ll have quitter rooms, better sound, clarity of original sound and an overall improvement of lower crowd and equipment noise.

Furthermore, the key to creating an elegant and reliable sound proofed room is in selecting the right product and right thickness. As well the right amount of material needed to trigger the sound effects you are seeking. This is where Onsite Solutions can be your perfect team member. With over 20 years of experience tailoring countless acoustic panel jobs, we replicate for you what we know has worked countless times before.

So get in touch with is today and we’ll set you on the right path for creating that perfect sound space.