Architectural Cladding

Architectural Cladding Solutions

Architectural cladding is the perfect solution when you require unique and lavish aesthetic features assisted by a durable and weather tight sealed finish. Our architectural cladding systems are also popular choices for cladding with architects and building owners across Auckland. At Onsite Solutions we pride ourselves on an extreme eye for detail, working within the tightest and most complex design parameters and ensuring the design format is adhered to. Onsite Solutions provide you an extensive range of profile finishes and coloured architectural cladding panels to match any unique and complex requirements of your building operations. The architectural cladding panels are versatile, durable, long lasting and have a choice of either horizontal or vertical cladding installation.

What makes architectural cladding unique?

The main differences in architectural cladding to cool store panels and cladding are the joining of the cladding panel modules. Whether they require water barrier and waterproofing, or are structurally configured, architectural panels can have many variations in design that compliment the aesthetic of your buildings architectural design. And as architectural cladding systems need to be waterproof, compared to a standard cool room or cold store insulated panel system, our seals are designed in a way in which water cannot pass or ingress behind the cladding system.

Working towards your common goal

Architects exploring the technical usage of architectural cladding are free to engage the Kingspan's technical team.

Onsite Solutions liaise closely with you and Kingspan to ensure the application and installation are managed according to specifications. Onsite Solutions are also fully committed to following design parameters and working with you to realise your creative ideas in architectural panelling.