Insulated Roofing Panel & Cladding

Insulated roofing & cladding your neighbour would be proud of

When you require insulated roofing panel experts, talk to Onsite Solutions. Our team has the necessary skills to help create your roof cladding masterpieces. Being a Kingspan accredited installer the Onsite Solutions team pride ourselves on offering you solutions and insulated roofing panels with superior structural and thermal performance capabilities – they’re faster to install than standard timber and traditional methods and require minimal workforce. All insulated roofing panels are offered in lengths from 2.0 metres up to 11.8 metres (depending on suppliers choice). With Onsite Solutions on your team, you can trust our expert advice, knowledge and skills to provide you with outstanding, quality assured insulated roofing panels and cladding with extremely high R-value, spanning capabilities and structural performance.

Onsite Solutions' insulated roofing panel and cladding are generally flat on the underside and with a metal roofing profile on top sandwiching the foam core between. With an extensive range of profiles our roofing cladding offers the same durability and performance as standard insulated panels but with extra sustainability and a unique profile to showcase your roof your neighbour and world.

Roofing Cladding Solutions

Your insulated roofing panels and cladding are capable of adhering to any commercial, retail and industrial design specifications – including cold storage, shopping centres, food processing rooms, warehouses and many other roofing panel constructions. Onsite Solutions are here to provide you with durable, reliable and flexible insulated roofing panels that are incredibly strong, lightweight and easy to install.

As well as unmatched energy-saving and thermal properties of the roofing panel and cladding, they’re engineered to meet the most demanding project requirements. And as they’re fabricated from structural steel it allows the panels to reinforce the structure of any type of metal building system.

Onsite Solutions also provide you options for insulated roofing panel and cladding in almost any desired length, ensuring that your roofing systems meet each roofing job’s specific construction and design requirements. Insulated roofing panels also have exterior surfaces prefinished in an assortment of colours and profiles, and are fabricated with your choice of stainless steel, galvanised steel and metal.

Express Building Times

Insulated roofing panel and cladding can be designed and manufactured in almost any desired length and to the project’s specific requests. Onsite Solutions not only provide flexible panel, but we also provide you with rapid construction times. The insulated roofing panels are commonly joined with a popular slip joint or a tongue and groove system. The aforementioned methods allow for the panels to slip easily into place and secure to the structure. Such methods also allow Onsite Solutions to rapidly install and build your project while providing strong, durable and thermally efficient roofing systems in an aesthetically smooth and clean look.

Our team is here to help you discover your roofing panel and cladding designs of your dreams! Your problems are our solutions, so let us help you create a cladding masterpiece even your neighbour would be proud of.