Types of Cladding

Your Cladding Solutions

Onsite Solutions are proud to bring you an extensive range of cladding systems for all types of construction applications in commercial, retail or industrial settings. Whether you are planning to build a cool room, a brewery or even a portable food processing clean room for your weekend selling meats at the local market, Onsite Solutions are here to guide you a path to lavish, unique and durable cladding systems. The range of cladding includes wall cladding panels, architectural cladding, insulated roofing panel & cladding and a recladding. Yet, you have the option to choose from metal, steel and aluminium cladding - click on any of them to reveal which of these types of cladding are perfect for your cladding operations.

Metal Cladding

An excellent option for durable, sustainable and lasting cladding finishes with unique aesthetic designs capable of creating visual masterpieces.

Aluminium Cladding

Easy manipulative material for creating different cladding identities ideal for unique cladding systems seeking sustainable materials and production.

Steel Cladding

The more durable and impervious cladding option with a polish and shine that will last for many years and not be altered by rust or colour change.