Aluminium Cladding

Is aluminium the right cladding for me?

Aluminium cladding offers you unique stylish and aesthetically pleasing imagery, as well as efficient and durable qualities ideal for all of your building and cladding requirements through:

Durability & Versatility

Aluminium cladding offers you built in corrosion resistance as well as the ability to withstand aggressive weather elements. Aluminum is age resistant, non-sensitive to UV rays and reflects heat.


Aluminium’s combination of properties allows for easy manufacturing of different shapes ideal for unique designs and cladding systems. Its metalworking processes including, extrusion, rolling and forging and castings sets it out as a reliable product for unlimited design potential.

Exceptional construction benefits

Aluminium cladding offers superb spanning capabilities as well as excellent structural performance. Alloyed aluminium can be as strong as steel at only a third of the weight. Compared to steel, aluminium is extremely lightweight – approximately one-third the density – resulting in low loads on buildings, which is particularly important where large spans are involved. It also provides a superior strength making it an extremely versatile material.

Thermal Efficiency

The low emissivity of aluminium cladding sheeting greatly reduces heat gain in the building where an air space is provided under the roof. Unpainted aluminium can reduce heat transmission by up to 9.5 degrees Celsius due to its high thermal insulation properties. While, on painted roofs, the use of light colours will help reduce the thermal absorbency of up to 30 degrees between light and dark coatings.


Aluminum is a naturally occurring element in the earth’s crust. It is 100% recyclable and uses only 5% of the energy used to make the original product. Almost all aluminium used in cladding applications can be recycled.