Metal Cladding

Your Metal Cladding Experts

Onsite Solutions are the perfect team member for all of your metal cladding operation and job specific requirements. Onsite Solutions’ mission when working with you is to provide reliable and durable products, a fast turnaround and an ability to find the solution to any of your metal cladding problems. Metal Cladding generally provides little insulation properties in the form of a foam core, however due to its superb structural performance, it provides an excellent option for weather tightness and durable exterior cladding finishes with a unique aesthetic design and the ability to lay vertically or horizontally.

At Onsite Solutions our team also have the ability to customise flashings with our own metal folding machine. Such a machine allows us to incorporate a unique customised flashing (Coloursteel, Zincalume, Stainless Steel) that provides weathertight seals to suit your environment, as well as the added bonus of putting your cladding system on the map with a lavish and stunning visual appeal.

No two jobs are the same at Onsite Solutions and we pride ourselves on offering you only the best materials, service and cladding systems operations you can get. Our team will source your metal cladding from trusted brands and products, such as Zincalume and Coloursteel, but we are also impartial to any brand or product - so we will help you select which metal cladding solution best fits your application, budget, time-frame and operation.

Metal Cladding Benefits

Metal cladding is an incredibly versatile material, and can be fabricated to fit almost any shape, with a variety of possible textured surfaces. It can also assist in creating spectacular and lavish styles – in particular clean, contemporary, industrial and minimalistic designs.

Metal cladding can also be installed easily over other porous materials or existing structures such as, brick, concrete or cinder blocks. In addition to offering superb environmental benefits, metal cladding is also easy to maintain, sanitise and keep clean – facilities such as cold storage and cool rooms are the top choice for using metal cladding for this exact reason.

Metal Cladding Applications

Metal cladding offers a broad range of capabilities and applications, including (but not limited to):

  • Rural and lifestyle cladding
  • Horizontal and vertical commercial cladding
  • Drape/spring curving
  • Bull nose
  • Horizontal cladding
  • Ceilings and linings
  • Acoustic ceiling linings
  • Horizontal and vertical neighbour-friendly fencing in unpainted, pre-painted single side or pre-painted double side
  • Decorative claddings
  • Sign writing substrate
  • External and internal partitions
  • Soffits