Steel Cladding

Why choose stainless steel cladding over other cladding materials?

Stainless steel cladding offers you stylish, functional and aesthetic benefits, although of course it does depend on whether the material is 100% suited for your cladding system. Here are some critical features of what stainless steel cladding could be your choice for your cladding project:

Durability and Sustainability

Stainless steel cladding, while not strictly “stainless,” is one of the alloys available that is highly resistant to corrosion, stains and rust. It is also perfectly structured to weather the rigorous elements of New Zealand’s conditions all while remaining aesthetically sound. Stainless steel is also considered to be more durable and impervious to the aforementioned weather elements than other cladding options – its polish and shine can also be easily maintained for years and will not be altered by rust or colour change.

Architectural Perfection

Stainless steel is an incredibly versatile material, and can be fabricated to fit almost any shape, with a variety of possible textured surfaces. It can also assist in creating spectacular and lavish styles – in particular clean, contemporary, industrial and minimalistic designs. Steel cladding can also be installed easily over other porous materials or existing structures such as, brick, concrete or cinder blocks. Whether you’re after a unique and fresh design, durability and excellent structural performance, or both, stainless steel cladding is a great option for you.

Environmental Efficiency

For the most part the stainless steel used in the current construction industry is composed of recycled stainless steel or repurposed metal used in prior similar applications. Stainless steel itself is 100% recyclable and given its extremely long lifespan, the energy used in production and in breakdown is minimal.

Easy Maintenance

In addition to stainless steel’s environmental benefits, stainless steel cladding is also easy to maintain, sanitise and keep clean – facilities such as cold storage and cool rooms are the top choice for using stainless steel cladding for this exact reason. The passive oxidised coating solidifies it completely non-porous, and it simply does not compare to other cheaper metal choices, not to mention more porous materials like wood, concrete, or stone. No matter whether you run a small business, or a manufacturing plant – if you require quality assured, hygienic and lavish aesthetic surfaces that require minimal maintenance, stainless steel is the way to go.