Wall Cladding Panels

Cladding panels to make your wall-et happy

Onsite Solutions’ team of experts is here to help you in designing and constructing the wall cladding systems of your dreams. Our team has created a unique system that offers you an extensive range of profiles, finishes and coloured wall cladding panels to match any unique and complex requirements of your building operations. These panels are versatile, durable, long lasting and have a choice of either horizontal or vertical cladding installation.

Onsite Solutions offer an extensive range of wall cladding panel systems suitable for all purposes within the commercial, retail and industrial sectors. When you choose Onsite Solutions as your wall cladding experts, not only do you receive cost-effective, reliable and fast-turn around services, you also receive wall cladding systems with strong thermal performance, quick installation and concealed fixings, as well excellent spanning capabilities. All of our insulated wall cladding panels are lightweight, simple to install and provide superb leakage performance and durability and are available in lengths between 2.0 metres and 11.8 metres.

Pre-Cladding Considerations

Before choosing Onsite Solutions it is recommended that you specify cladding materials not just on an aesthetic basis, but because they are appropriate. Considerations include:

  • Specific environmental conditions of the site
  • Building design
  • Durability
  • Surface finish requirements
  • Availability of appropriately skilled and experienced installers
  • Compatibility with other cladding systems on the building
  • Maintenance requirements

Formidable Advantages

  • Excellent Environmental Benefits
  • Proven Structural Integrity
  • Demanding Fire Code Compliance
  • Unique Enveloped Fixings
  • Design and Aesthetic Flexibility
  • Weathertightness and Durability
  • System Reliability and Integrity

Leaky Building Solutions

Onsite Solutions’ wall cladding team have also developed a greater understanding of cladding buildings requiring remedial recladding due to water ingress damage, otherwise known as leaky buildings. Our mission is to provide you with a long-term product suitable for weather tightness and durability.

Onsite Solutions also provide options to match existing cladding structures, as well as the ability to facilitate a complete removal from leaky structures without having to disrupt building profiles and without necessarily replacing with a weatherboard look, rather a unique and lavish cladding profile suitable for any of your design specifications.

Head to our recladding webpage to learn more about how our recladding services are the right fit for you cladding and wall cladding insulated panel systems.