Design & Installation

Stunning design, installed onsite, on budget

Onsite Solutions provide you with reliable, sustainable, cost effective and efficient design and installation solutions for any of your insulated panel, cool room and cold stores, cladding and recladding projects. Our longevity in the business, as well as our superior expertise and knowledge assist us in helping you choose the right design and installation options for budget, timeframe and construction needs.

We pride ourselves on giving you unparalleled independent advice, impartial insulated panel supplier options and cost efficient installation services. To get there we ask you a lot of questions about what the purpose of the structure is; does the insulated panelling need to be fire rated? Will you need additional structural support? What traffic (foot, vehicle, forklift) will operate in and around your construction? What types of doors do your require? And how can we help you find the solution?

Seeking unique and longlasting designs?

When your project requires a unique, stylish and lavish design look no further than Onsite Solutions. Our designs offer you stunning, innovative and aesthetically pleasing, unique visual designs – especially in the way in which architectural cladding can be shaped or folded to create visual masterpieces. Our designs also provide you with quality assured, durable, sustainable and reliable functions to make sure your project is the way you want it.

What you can expect from an Onsite Solutions design and installation process

  • High Health & Safety standards and management
  • Regular client communication
  • Professional, efficient and reliable accredited labour to install
  • Site inspections prior to commencement
  • Rubbish removal and disposal
  • Trade clean
  • Reliable access equipment
  • Supply all panel and materials required
  • Scheduled delivery and coordination of all materials
  • Quality assurance plan
  • Shop drawings and samples
  • Safety Nets and hand rails for installation
  • Maintenance manuals and schedule
  • After sale service

We also offer you critical elements, drawings and documentation including, but not limited to:

  • Producer Statements (PS1 & PS3)
  • Building Code of Compliance
  • Experienced AutoCAD operator
  • Shop drawings
  • Plans
  • Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP)