Insulated Panels

Searching for quality assured insulated panel designs?

When you require and cost-effective insulated panel design and installations services, talk to Onsite Solutions. Our industry experience, expertise and reliable knowledge in the cool room and cold store industry provide you with an extensive range of insulated panel designs, custom design and installation options for all of your cool store, dry room, clean room and commercial or retail operations.

We operate independently without commercial associations and are therefore free to select the most appropriate and cost effective insulated panel system for any of your projects at an early state of planning.

Insulated panels are designed to provide self-supporting and structural capabilities. The excellent spanning capacity of the insulated panel and the ability for both non-load and load bearing structures allow for a distinctly efficient and minimal framing requirement – compared to other traditional wall, cladding and roofing products.

We have established close relationships with all the major suppliers of insulated panel systems, including, Long Panel Ltd , Kingspan, Bondor & Metalcraft, but are capable of sourcing any form of insulated panel you require - even if your mother doesn't like the colour, we'll find the solution for you!

Insulated Panel Snapshot

One of Onsite Solutions’ most successful projects involved the custom design and shaping of the insulated panelling at Auckland City Hospital, Grafton Rd.

The process involved bending and folding of the architectural panelling. It provided Onsite Solutions with a great opportunity showcase our expertise, knowledge and skill set and also develop our knowledge to make sure we can do whatever your project requires.

Insulated panel design

Insulated panels are available in a comprehensive range of designs to fit your operational needs. Whether you’re constructing a cool room warehouse or a fireproof partition wall, Onsite Solutions can offer you efficient, reliable and sustainable insulated products from many trusted insulated panel suppliers:


  • ThermoPanel EPS
  • TechnoPanel (PIR)
  • ThermoSpan EPS
  • MetecnoSpan (PIR)


  • XFlam
  • Mineral Wool
  • Polyfoam


  • Kingspan AWP Micro-Rib KS1000 MR
  • Kingspan AWP Mini-Micro KS1000 MM
  • Kingspan AWP Euro Box KS1000 EB
  • Kingspan AWP Plank KS1000PL
  • Kingspan AWP Wave KS1000WV
  • Kingspan RW Trapezoidal KS1000 RW

Insulated panels are also designed to present a superior impermeable, visually impeccable and durable surface. These surfaces can be designed and chosen to represent your visual specifications. Insulated panels are available in a broad range of panel profiles, so come and talk to us today.