Firewalling Panels

When it’s time to build that firewall, talk to Onsite Solutions

Onsite Solutions are the perfect team member for all of your firewall panel applications. We work in conjunction with a range of structural insulated panel suppliers to offer you only the best firewalling products in the market – ranging from PIR structural insulated panels, rock mineral wool and XFlam Fire Rated.

Onsite Solutions’ PIR panels help you and your architects and engineers design and create projects that protect your people, properties and equipment from fire dangers, with customisable fire rated panels that can be created in variable lengths and from a variety of colors and textures to help meet specific design criteria. Alternative facings for such fire resistant wall panels with PIR insulation include hot-dipped galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminium and metal.

Our environmentally friendly fire rated PIR panels are also pre-fabricated allowing us to prevent and reduce any on-the-job waste. Additionally, our PIR insulated panels can be recycled, as they are fabricated from steel and minerals comprised of recycled content.

Onsite Solutions’ PIR insulated panels can be used for a variety of applications, including:

  • Fire-resistant walls, partitions, and ceilings (interior/exterior)
  • High-risk chemical and food processing facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Packing and distribution centres
  • Food and drink processing
  • Factories and offices
  • Supermarkets and fast-food outlets

Learn how our fire resistant wall panels can help protect your walls, partitions and ceilings. Contact us today!

Rock Mineral Wool

Onsite Solutions’ mineral wool panels deliver your operations a high fire rating and are specified with and under FM Global Standards – a global independent insurance company that provides a symbol of trust, safety and quality assured fire rated products.

When you decide to work with rock mineral wool products, you’re in good company! Onsite Solutions’ rock mineral wool options offer a high resistance to fire, outstanding thermal and acoustic efficiency and are designed to provide an extreme level of compression resistance.

In addition to the high fire resistance and exceptional thermal efficiency, the fire resistant mineral wool panels dispense high R-value proficiency and provide you and your staff, products, properties and equipment safe in the event of a fire. Additionally, rock mineral wool panels provide excellent sound proofing capabilities, offering a reduction in airborne sound transfer.

Benefits of rock mineral wool:

  • Very high operating temperatures - meaning that it is ideal for high performance fire protection applications in construction applications, and is also suitable for thermal insulation at extremely high temperatures
  • Energy saving, for reduced energy bills and reduced CO2 emissions
  • High insulation efficiency for maximum thermal efficiency
  • Non-combustibility: highest possible fire classification according to FM Global standards
  • Excellent fire performance
  • Outstanding acoustic capabilities
  • Durability and exceptional sustainability


XFlam is syntactic foam with enhanced fire resistance, superb mechanical properties, and low toxicity and is completely recyclable. XFlam provides you with a unique core blend that not only enhances fire resistance qualities but also offers superior strength, rigidty and durability allowing for long spans suitable for walls, ceilings, roofs and facades of all building operations.

XFLAM meets global insurance requirements:

  • Factory Mutual Global. FM Wall - Ceiling Construction.
  • Reference 3035839 Bondor New Zealand Ltd,
  • Meets all the requirements of FM Approvals Standard 4880
  • Class 1 Fire Rated to max 9.1m High. Test Standard UBC 26.3.

XFLAM meets the NZ and Australian building codes for fire resistance:

AS1530.4 Fire Resistant Test: 50mm panel - /120/15


100mm panel - /120/30

250mm panel - /120/115

ISO9705 Corner Room Test achieved Group 1 BCA Classification. Passes the Flame Barrier requirements for foamed plastics under the

Acceptable Solution C/AS1 part 6 of the NZBC.

For more information on this product, visit the XFlam website