Repairs & Maintenance

Who really wants to do repairs and maintenance? – well us actually!

“We provide the best, and service the rest!” When you need cost-effective, efficient and reliable repair and maintenance services talk to Onsite Solutions. We maintain and repair all of your construction applications, ranging from insulated panels, cool rooms and cold stores to cladding and recladding.

We pride ourselves on providing you with a fast turnaround, quick response and ability to implement quality assured solutions to any problem - whether that be your forklift deciding to puncture an insulated panel partition wall or your cool room door breaking its seal.

At Onsite Solutions, we place high importance on health and safety management of your workplace. Our site inspections ensure we provide you with clean and safe environment at all times.

Our mission while on site is to minimise disruption and keep your daily operations functioning as efficiently and smoothly as possible, while our team completes the maintenance or repair service.

Maintenance and servicing programming

Onsite Solutions processes also include regular maintenance of your site. This is the best way to ensure continuation of production and efficiency of your asset. Preventative maintenance is key to keeping your factory in top shape.

Wether you have a large facility covering acres or a high through-put operation in a confined space, our maintenance and servicing programme will give you peace of mind that your business can continue to operate at maximum capacity.

Talk to the team today about our Maintenance and Servicing Programmes.

Eco-friendly maintenance solutions

Onsite Solutions manage all rubbish removal and disposal at your site, processing the suitable waste materials into eco-friendly practices.

We also incorporate a unique eco-friendly demolition and recycling regime of insulated panels and materials. This includes stripping the steel off of the sandwich panels and repurposing the polystyrene for other uses.

Modifications in mind?

Onsite Solutions’ repair and maintenance service can also offer you the option to alter and extend your existing cool room and cold store structures, which often includes adding and removing partition walls, adding and removing doors and modifying dimensions. Alterations and extensions are also available for all of your roofing, cladding and insulated panel requirements.

Are you looking to relocate?

When you're on the move Onsite Solutions can provide a reliable, efficient and cost-effective cool room and cold store relocation service that can help maximise the re-use potential of your property or production assets.

Maintaining or alterations to existing cool rooms can also be completed during the relocation or as production downtime allows for access.

The Onsite Solutions maintenance team is available to you to discuss the best way to progress your relocation and mitigate disturbances or disruptions. You may even see us in your local gas station or favourite bakery refurbishing and repairing cool room storage systems, glass and freezer doors, display units and shelving.

We take pride in being able to find the solution to any of your repair or maintenance problems so call us now to see what we can do for you!