Insulated Panels

Are your insulated panels in need of some tender loving repair?

When you require a reliable and cost effective maintenance and repair solution for any of your insulated panel systems, talk to Onsite Solutions. We maintain and repair all of your insulated panel applications ranging from cold storage to warehouse distribution centres to food processing rooms and to pharmaceutical clean rooms.

Our experience, skills and expertise, delivered with passion provide you only the best solutions. With Onsite Solutions on your team your insulated panel repair jobs – whether that be forklift damage, vehicle damage or general wear and tear - will be maintained or returned back to top working order.

Your insulated paneling requires systematic and essential regular maintenance and servicing to ensure the maximum life of the construction.

Onsite Solutions suggest that an inspection of any insulated panel system should be undertaken annually. The Onsite checklist includes, but are not limited to:

  • Dirt – any accumulation of dirt should be washed from the surface of the panels.
  • Painted surface – evaluate the surface conditions and determine if repainting is necessary (Onsite Solutions don’t offer repainting services but can provide you with reliable contacts)
  • Scratches and dents – should be identified and repaired
  • Flashing fixing screws – check the tightness of the screws
  • Corrosion of cut edges of flashings – check the condition of cut edges
  • Flashing tightness – check that the flashings are tight against the insulated panel

Your insulated panels are in worthy hands

Onsite Solutions can inspect whether your insulated paneling, panel doors and insulated panel accessories – such as trim, sealant and vapour barriers – require servicing or maintenance to ultimately decrease your larger repair bills. Progressive maintenance is far more efficient in total annual running costs, Onsite Solutions will help you implement best-practice maintenance and repair programmes to ensure your outlay on plant and materials is minimised

We also repair and maintain any of your insulated panel systems not of our own construction – to a high standard and across an extensive range of insulated paneling, including EPS, PIR, PUR, Polyphen, XFlam and Mineral Wool (Rockcore).

We also offer you a cost effective, systematic and practical service and maintenance programme that generally involves regular audits and checkups to inspect your insulated paneling. Our expert team will give reliable recommendations and list what is potentially required for repair or maintenance.

If your insulated panels are in dire need of our tender loving repair, get in touch with us today to see what Onsite Solutions can do for you!

You're in good company – we work with leaders and innovators

Our most trusted clients often rely on our service to keep their buildings and insulated panels in tip-top shape. Some of our most trusted clients include:

  • Sanitarium
  • Fonterra
  • Quality Bakers
  • Countdown
  • Nutricia
  • Butch Petfoods
  • Fresh Start Bakeries
  • Lion Breweries
  • Progressive
  • Foodstuffs