Sandwich Panels

Let Onsite Solutions be the condiments with your sandwich panels!

When your require sandwich panel experts, look no further than Onsite Solutions. You can trust our specialist advice, knowledge and skills to provide you with outstanding, quality assured insulated panels with extremely high R-value and spanning capabilities. Onsite Solutions’ sandwich panels are designed and manufactured for a broad range of construction applications. They’re suitable for both horizontal and vertical constructions and are available in an extensive range of colours, profiles and joint options. The sandwich panels can be joined with a common slip joint or a tongue and groove system – such options allow Onsite Solutions to rapidly install while providing strong, durable and thermally efficient walls in an aesthetically clean and crisp look.

Sandwich panels with a side of solutions

Onsite Solutions’ sandwich panels can meet any of your construction requirements demanded by a range of operations – from commercial premises and factories to offices, warehouses and food processing facilities, Onsite Solutions is your trusted partner for all of your sandwich panel system needs.

Sandwich insulated panels have exterior skins prefinished in an array of skin colors and textures – providing a durable moisture-resistant and weatherproof coating, even without additional siding or vapor barriers. Your sandwich panels are also fabricated with your choice of stainless steel, galvanised metal or aluminium.

What ingredients are available for my sandwich panels?

In New Zealand, Onsite Solutions can install an extensive range of sandwich panel, including (but not limited to):


  • ThermoPanel EPS
  • MetecnoPanel (PIR)
  • MetecnoSpan (PIR)
  • ThermoSpan EPS
  • Flameguard


  • XFlam
  • Mineral Wool
  • Polyfoam


  • Kingspan AWP Micro-Rib KS1000 MR
  • Kingspan AWP Mini-Micro KS1000 MM
  • Kingspan AWP Euro Box KS1000 EB
  • Kingspan AWP Plank KS1000PL
  • Kingspan AWP Wave KS1000WV
  • Kingspan RW Trapezoidal KS1000 RW