Thermal Insulated Panels

Trust Onsite Solutions for all of your thermal insulated panel needs

Onsite Solutions’ rigid thermal insulation panels offer you exceptional compressive strength, excellent thermal efficiency and versatility – so much so they can be utilised in high temperature and thermally controlled environments across a broad range of industries and market sectors.

With Onsite Solutions on your team, you can trust our expert advice, knowledge and skills to provide you with outstanding, quality assured thermal insulated panels with extremely high thermal capabilities.

Onsite Solutions thermally insulated paneling is manufactured in a variety of thicknesses between two inches and 12 inches, allowing us to provide you with the highest R-values available. Our team are focused on giving you only the best – we offer thermal insulated wall panels in a range of desired lengths and to each job’s specific tolerance needs, so there is never any on-the-job waste, no matter the application of your panels.

Thermal insulated panel solutions

Our thermally efficient insulated panels are capable of meeting the most demanding, complex and challenging project requirements. Whether it’s a small room for food processing or a larger cold storage, Onsite Solutions provide a variety of insulated exterior panel skins and internal core compilations for your insulated paneling that can be blended to accommodate almost any thermal controlled environment or temperature controlled operations. Additionally, computer-assisted design, as well as trusted suppliers and manufacturers, and strict quality control, guarantee the flawless construction and superior thermal qualities of your thermal insulated panels.

Thermal insulated panels service a variety of applications, including industrial, commercial, retail and residential metal buildings. These include cold storage, warehouses, food processing and storage, floral storage and transportation, pharmaceutical, and similar structures. Whether you’re in need of portable chillers or a meat processing room Onsite Solutions can provide the ideal customised solution.

Ideal for food processing and cold storage

Love your dried meat? We do too! Onsite Solutions’ thermal insulated panels can be used to form specialist processing rooms desired for meat curing and drying processes. The thermal insulated panels are easy to clean when there’s meat, blood and guts all over the place. While, the impermeable surface also provides you with a durable, high R-value and rigid structure to help maintain the consistent temperature the dry room requires.

And if it’s a clean room designed for food processing and cold storage, with Onsite Solutions on your team you can expect sustainable, quality assured meat and food processing storage, facilities and clean rooms with thermally insulated panel designed to control bacteria, grease, dust and other undesirable substances.